Healing Clinic

We have a number of healers whom we work with in the Sacred Dreamtime.

Our Director Sri Devi Mulara is an energetic spiritual healer and counsellor. She specialises in cleansing energy fields and igniting your spirit in the process. She has completed the Ignite Your Spirit practitioner training with Shanti Mission and spent years on healing herself in the process. She also has qualifications in counselling and education.

Mulara ia able to guide people to a deeper connection with Mother Earth. Her dreamtime assignment given to her by indigenous grandmothers is to heal the songlines of people and the land. Mulara has been called upon to do land clearings as well as personal healings in her work.

In addition to cleansing energy fields and light bodies, our healers use the solfeggio frequencies as sound healing to complement energy healing with clients. These frequencies retune the body’s frequency and repair cells in the process.

Individual healing sessions are for one hour.

Group healing meditations are for one to two hours.

To book a Healing Session, contact:

Sri Devi Mulara on 0408 496 622

Group Healing Meditations

A gathering of 44 amazing spirit people who under the expertise of Sri Devi Mulara were able to collectively dream in wondrous loving energies – Yasoda, Uki

I am still bathing in The After Math of last nite…Beautiful soul, beautiful night – Syama Rasa Young, Uki

Thank-you so much for facilitating – Amber, Uki