Elders Mystery School 2017

April 19 (Wed) starting 6pm (Qld time) – April 23 (Sun) finishing at 3pm

Elders Mystery School = the spiritual and cultural lore/law of the land and the people

The Mystery School is our flagship indigenous program taught by elders from local places as well as invited national and international elders.

Our Elders are the Keepers of closely held wisdom and teachings that have been preserved and passed down through oral tradition. This knowledge is now taught through the traditional shamanic Mystery School experience, to benefit humanity in the service of Mother Earth. We live together as a tribe in one place and draw upon the environment around us. canstockphoto15543994

The deeper teachings of the Mystery School will help individuals answer questions such as:

Who am I?
What am I?
Where do I come from?
Where am I going?
What is my purpose?
How should I live my life?
What does it mean to be indigenous?
How do I interpret my Songlines?
What can I learn from Aboriginal wisdom?
The Mystery School helps to bring indigenous knowledge into the light for all to learn and to heal. We will journey and connect deeply with ourselves and each other through deepening our connection with sacred Mother Earth. Your immersion in this program will be transformational and many of our participants return each year.

May you find your answers and guidance from sitting in circle at the sacred fire with our beautiful and loving Elders. Everyone is welcome.

We are excited and honoured to have the following Elders teaching:

Aunty Jenny Thompson (Grandmother Gin): Wakka Wakka Elder

Welcome to Country
Dreaming Circle
Unfinished Business
Dhadiri Healing – deep listening

Grandmother Wynn Te Kani: Maori Elder

Finding Your Place & Reclaiming Your Own Indigenous Nature
Cultural Integrity
Elder Wisdom

Aunty Sandy Ross: Ngarrindjeri Elder

Indigenous intuitive senses & Nungkari  Health

  • Physical healing – using ochre cleansing
  • Mental healing – using numerology & EFT
  • Spiritual healing – using spiritual astrology

Aunty Mulara: Adnyamathanha Elder

  • Grandmother Teachings & Protocols
  • Healing Our Personal Songlines
  • Preparing your Sacred Journey – Messages & Blessings
  • Sacred Ceremony, Ritual & Prayer

Uncle Peter Watts: Arabunna Elder

Creation stories
Aboriginal kinship system
Bush Tucker
Navigating your way (using the land’s signposts)

Uncle Steve McKenzie: Quest Holder in the Stalking Wold lineage

  • Sweat lodge experience
  • Ancestor Circle
  • Entering into silence

2017 Mystery School details:

Dates: April 19th (from 6pm) to 23rd (3pm) at Kupidabin Cultural Centre, Mt Samson (north Brisbane).
Cost: $650 for full program (4 days, 4 nights)
fully catered and includes accommodation, program materials & Elders costs and teachings
Per day: $175 (inc overnight stay)
Children $105 per day (inc overnight stay) or $410 full program (infants are free)
Deposit: $175 (adult); $105 (children) to secure your spot – full payment required on arrival
Please contact Aunty Mulara on sridevimulara@gmail.com or phone 0408 496 622 for a Booking Form and return the form with your deposit.

Elders are offering individual healing sessions in addition to the program and payment can be made direct to them. Details are on the booking form.

Photos of Kupidabin Cultural Centre can be found on their Facebook page: KUPIDABIN WILDERNESS

PROGRAM (summary)

  • Welcome to Country
  • Aboriginal Nations
  • Dreamtime Creation Stories & the Rivers of Dreaming
  • Aboriginal Law/Lore and Culture
  • Cultural integrity and Two Way Culture
  • Protocols and Respect
  • Sacredness
  • Dreaming Circle – how you live your life; your Dreaming
  • Healing and Empowering the Songlines you carry
  • Your Journey & Walkabout
  • The place for indigenous guidance & the Silence Quest
  • Aboriginal Wheel of Life
  • Native American Medicine Wheel
  • Totem and Animal Reconnection
  • Traditional Healing
  • Calling each other back through Ritual and Ceremony
  • Using Ochre for Healing
  • Indigenous Grandmother’s Teachings
  • Sweat Lodge one evening (optional) – details provided on booking form

and much more!


At Kupidabin, there are mattresses available for sleeping on the floor in the Native American style Long House. Bring sleeping bag/sheets & pillow.

Camping is okay – bring your own stuff.

Share bathroom facilities.

You can stay for extra nights for an additional fee of $20 pp/night. Please make these arrangements & payments with the caretaker upon arrival. Additional stay outside of the formal program is self catered.


Our meals will be bush cooking and we will take turns to assist the cook. We have a delicious healthy and nutritious menu planned.

You can arrive anytime on Wednesday 19th April. A light meal will be available from 6pm & is included with the program cost. We want to ensure you are ready for this special experience after travelling.

Please indicate any dietary needs on the Booking Form.

Our Closing Fire will commence at 2pm on Sunday, 23rd April after an early lunch, allowing time in the afternoon for you to travel home with a full belly.

What to Bring

1.Sleeping gear, towel & pillow. Tent if you are camping. Definitely need a torch.
2. Fold up chair, natural mossie repellant if you need it, hat, sunscreen, water bottle.
3. Your own snacks and any special dietary needs. We have 3 meals planned each day and can cater for most dietary requirements.
4. Dress for the outdoors. All our teachings are outside, mostly around the fire. Some activities are nearby on grasslands & the bush. We have shoes off in the long house so perhaps bring inside slippers. In bad weather we teach inside.
5. A gift for the Elders, given out when you feel you want to honour each elder. This is respectful protocol when we come into circle with Elders. Suggestions include – something you have made or written or painted or drawn; something from your country; something precious to you; whatever is in your heart as an opening to receive. Please do not spend extravagantly as this will embarrass the Elders. Keep it simple and special. This is a Teaching in itself about Sacredness.
6. We will be assisting you with your Journey. Bring a piece of wood, a stick, a staff, something you find in a natural bush setting that resonates with you. Bring several sticks if you wish.
7. We will need feathers, shells, seeds, seedpods and other natural things as part of our work together. Start collecting and bring to share.
8. Percussion musical instruments (optional). Clapsticks, Drums & Didj players would be great!
9. There will be a Sacred Altar. You are welcome to add your sacred item to receive blessings.
10. Your inquisitive nature, open mind, open heart and your good humour!

Contact: Aunty Mulara on 0408 496 622 or sridevimulara@gmail.com