2016 Calendar

WALKING A SACRED PATH – the Labyrinth of Rainbow Place

Enter the terrain of memory and dreams as you walk the labyrinth in a process meditation that takes you out of chronos time into kairos time, from clock time into the Dreamtime. Allow yourself to be guided and to drop deeply within, to experience a sense of coming home…..20150928_152127

Walking the labyrinth is particularly helpful when in transition with the winds of change. Each turn in the path mirrors the turn in our lives. It also gives solace to those struggling with painful life experiences. Most often the sacred walk calms and guides us, providing inner peace with a process of insight so “new opportunities” come to our awareness.

Give yourself the gift of taking a moment to reflect on where you are in your life. Small miracles can happen in the labyrinth….it is a spiritual journey and a powerful tool for transformation.

2016 Full Moon Labyrinth Walking Meditations

  • To nurture ourselves spiritually & bring us back to the Centre of our Being.

We will be holding these workshops every month at the time of the full moon.

An invited Spiritual Master will share their story as part of the experience of revealing one’s inner truth and discovering spiritual insight that leads to personal transformation.

Energy exchange: $ by heartfelt donation

Contact: Sri Devi Mulara on 0408 496 622 or sridevimulara@gmail.com


THE NATURE OF ENERGY – for young people (aged 15-25)*

A call to young people who are experiencing an awareness of self and heightened sensitivity to the energetic word around them.

Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • a sense of isolation
  • feelings of being different from your peers
  • a sense of “wrongness” about the world
  • experiences of telepathy
  • a strong empathic sensitivity (able to feel what others feel)
  • may see or sense energy (colours in auras, light orbs, hear energetic sounds)
  • have instinctual ‘knowings’ about events or wisdoms
  • feel energetically impacted by some people or places

This is a workshop to share understandings and tools for the better management of the energy body and to ease the energetic impact of the environment upon it. There will be a mixture of teachings and practicals that cover topics such as:

  1. the nature of energy
  2. the energetic body – how does it work
  3. clearing, sensing and connecting to energy
  4. how to maintain a healthy energy body in the current world

The faculty of teachers include an Aboriginal Elder and a Spiritual Master.

Details: Sunday 21st February, 10am – 4pm


  • a plate of vegetarian food to share for lunch
  • a bottle of water
  • notepad – small spiral notebook is ideal
  • pen and/or coloured pencils


Phone or text Aunty Mulara on 0408 496 622   or email: sridevimulara@gmail.com

Venue: 47 Yarrabee Tce, Rainbow Place, Stokers Siding NSW

Energy exchange: $ by heartfelt donation

*Young people under 18 years require parent/guardian permission.

**Grateful thanks to Conscious Unity in Perth who initiated this calling. Their contact is mail@consciousunity.info