Aunty Sandy Ross (Makeri)

Sandy picAunty Sandy Ross is a Ngarrindjeri Yaraldi Elder from South Australia and a traditional healer. She did her Ngangkari training in APY Lands (SA), and works with our land/spirit connections. She is known by her own mob as Tumbatin Mimini (Healing Woman).

 Aunty Sandy is a Two Way Culture indigenous consultant. She will offer the following indigenous teachings during the Mystery School (and much more).

Ochre Miwi (Soul) Healing

Strengthening our inner core, we will learn to work with ochre to uplift our spirits that have been damaged by our traumatic life events since colonization. Ochre is our medicine and connects us with the spirit of the land. The Miwi is our soul connection and is located in our solar plexus. Our Miwi connects us to our mother’s genetic patterns and our personal power.

Totem and Animal Reconnection

Our connection to the animal symbols, is of utmost importance to us all. We learnt about life and death from them, as they are an integral part of our human development. They are in our dreamtime, our dancing and ceremonies. To heal our totem and enlighten our animal dreaming we can  reconnect to our damaged spirits through them. They have always been unconditional and are available now to enhance our journey toward a more peaceful existence. Learning about your animal totems and their significance will help to guide your Earth Walk.