About Sacred Dreamtime Healing

251916_4200150680302_1255812217_sSacred Dreamtime Healing is an indigenous consultancy, healing practice, and education program based on traditional knowledge and teachings. Our philosophy is earth-based spirituality with acknowledgement of the Star Nations as we facilitate the new light code frequencies coming in to heal the planet. We offer programs, courses, retreats, workshops, ceremonies and meditation groups on a range on spiritually rich experiences and indigenous wisdom. We draw from selected facilitators from different areas of Australia and the world to enhance the teaching program.

The core themes are:

  • Developing Spiritual Mastery
  • Indigenous Teachings & what we can learn for leading our lives today
  • Indigenous Ceremony & Ritual for Earth healing
  • Healing our Personal Songlines
  • Dreaming Tracks, Grid Points & Leylines
  • Sound Healing and Cosmic Frequencies
  • Individual and Group Healing sessions
  • Emotional Mastery

In addition, we host an annual Elders Mystery School which incorporates the sacredness of ceremony and ritual to enrich our daily lives. In 2016 the Mystery School will be hosted at Kupidabin in the beautiful area of Mt Samson, north of Brisbane. The School is scheduled for 20-24 April.

Our vision is to repair and renew our personal songlines through healing ourselves and the land. We work to repair the electromagnetic leylines of Mother Earth. We do this through Healing Our Personal Songlines ceremonies with communities.

Individuals and communities are able to book us for sacred songlines workshops and ceremonies and any of our other programs for their area.

Our mission is to work with the sacred sound of nature to retune the body’s frequency to come into resonance with the vibration of Mother Earth. This is sacred music. We use energetic spiritual healing techniques, tuning forks, tubular bells, medicine drums and voice tones all in the solfeggio scale to heal and renew individuals, groups, communities and the land. 

When you are near a Spiritual place, go there
These are places of ceremony where people come together
And unified in the past.
You can tap into that energy,
Even if it is centuries old
And you can use it

– Lee Ching

In 2012 we managed the Australian Tour of the International Grandmother Drum, a crystal-inlaid sacred indigenous healing drum, the largest of its kind in the world and a symbol for global peace. Sacred Dreamtime Healing continues this work.